Professional Teacher Certification

Students may matriculate toward Teacher Certification with the support of Ruth Zaporah and other Certified Teachers. This page details information on how to earn credit hours toward Certification and obtain the legal rights to teach Action Theater™.

To become a Certified Teacher of Action Theater, a candidate must complete at least 600 hours of training, 150 hours with Ruth Zaporah and the remainder with any two Certified teachers.

If a candidate works privately with Ruth or a Certified Teacher, the teacher will verify how many credit hours have been earned.

Upon completing the initial 600 hours, the candidate must then take a Teacher Certification workshop with Ruth. During this workshop, the candidate must meet with Ruth so she may assess the candidates ability to describe and demonstrate basic Action Theater practices.

At the discretion of Ruth, candidates may be required to complete additional hours to supplement their training.

To accumulate training hours, contact your current and/or past teachers and ask for a signed Hours Completed Form. Hours may be credited retroactively within the last five years with Ruth’s consent . This form is available for download at the following link: ATCertHours.pdf

Certified Teachers are required to participate in a workshop with Ruth once every two to three years and to maintain current license status(described below) to preserve their standing.


All Certified Teachers of Action Theater are required to hold an Action Theater License for which there will be a fee. Upon receiving the license, Certified Teachers may use, "Action Theater™," for one year. During that year, they will have access to the Action Theater logo for use on their advertising materials. They will be listed as recommended teachers on the Action Theater web site, the international focal point for Action Theater activities and information. Licensees will receive up-to-date information on current Action Theater activities and advisories. They will have membership in a closed google communication group only available for Ruth and Certified teachers, This resource is used for sharing ideas, insights and new teaching and performance discoveries. License fees help support the maintenance of the Action Theater web site and the administration costs of the licensing program.

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