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Ruth Talks about Action Theater at Earthdance in Massachusettes 2011

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Audio MP3 interview with from March 19th, 2012

Audio MP3 interview with from October 5th, 2009

Audio MP3 interview with from September 4th, 2006

Audio MP3 interview with from June 19th 2006

Audio MP3 interview with from May 24th, 2004

Audio MP3 interview with from June 27th, 2002

Susanna Morrow MFA, PhD, Psyche meets Soma, accessing creativity through Ruth Zaporah's Action Theater,Theater, Dance and Performance Training, vol 2, 2011. An in depth well researched article placing Action Theater in historical perspective along with a view into Zaporah's process.

Zaporah, Ruth,: "What's on my Mind Now," Contact Quarterly, Winter/Spring, 2002, pp. 51-56. Essays on frames, listening and expression, three basic components of Action Theater improvisation.

Zaporah, Ruth,: "Notes onContent," Contact Quarterly, Summer/Fall. 1998, pp. 50-52. An examination on the nature of content. "Content is like weather. It always is."

Zaporah, Ruth, "Improvisations in War," Contact Quarterly, Winter/Spring 1995, Volume 20, No.1, pp.22-25. In June 1994 Zaporah trsavelled throughout war torn Yugoslavia performing and teaching. Here she recounts some of her experiences.

Zaporah, Ruth, "Improvisation in Performance," Contact Quarterly, Summer/Fall 1992, pp. 43- 46, a discussion between Ruth Zaporah, Nancy Stark Smith and Barbara Dilley. All masters in their own forms of physical performance, these three share some ideas.

Zaporah, Ruth,: "A Way To Proceed," Contact Quarterly, Fall 1991, pp. 10-16. This article follows one day in a typical Action Theater training.

Cushman, Anne, "The Spirit of Creativity," Yoga Journal, September/October 1991, pp. 50- 58,102-103. A description of Zaporah and her work as an expression of spirit.

Zaporah, Ruth,: "(Not) a Bag of Tricks," Contact Quarterly, Spring/Summer 1987, pp. 36,37. A look at how a focus on can awaken spontaneity.

Becker, Nancy, "Action Theatre," New Performance, Volume 1, No.2, 1985. A description of Zaporah and her work.

Banyas, Susan,: "Skylight," Contact Quarterly, Fall 1984, pp. 42-50. Reflections on performing and teaching improvisations, interviews with Ruth Zaporah and Terry Sendgraff.

Articles Available from Publishers

Nisker, Mudita, "The Improvisation of Presence," Inquiring Mind, Volume 13, No.2,1997:an interview with Ruth Zaporah exploring the relationship between Action Theater and the Buddist prospective.

Zaporah, Ruth, "Dance: A Body with a Mind of Its Own," Movement Research Performance Journal, Fall/Winter 1996/7, No.13, pp. 29. Zaporah explores the relationship between the body and presence.

Zaporah, Ruth, "Stalk," Contact Quarterly, Winter/Spring 1994, Volume 19, No.1, pp.22-23. Zaporah draws a relationship between improvisation and heightened awareness.

Zaporah, Ruth,: "A Way To Proceed," Contact Quarterly, Fall 1991, pp. 10-16. This article follows one day in a typical Action Theater training.

Zaporah, Ruth, "Basic Steps Toward Pretending," Contact Quarterly, Fall 1990, pp. 25-28. The Action Theater training places limitations on students, encouraging spontaneour rather than habitual response. This article examines four limitations.

Zaporah, Ruth, "An Alternative Training," Contact Quarterly, Fall 1988, pp. 7-13. Zaporah tells how collaborations with other artists contributed to her own learning.


Ruth's interview, Give Your Body Room, by Joanna Harcourt Smith, January 20, 2012

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